Our company

Created in 1993 in Toulouse, the Jardin d’Elen is firstly a workshop of authentic creations, made in France, which strives after valorise a local know-how : sweets, fragrances, linen, cosmetics and other by-products that we imagine in Toulouse and develop with more than 40 craftsmen in the area. Helène Vié and her team carry on with pride and passion the writing of this unique history of the Violet of Toulouse by integrating some innovations regarding food-processing industry, horticulture and well-being.

For 10 years now, we have been engaged in the protection of the production of the Violet of Toulouse. The Jardin d’Elen, with the support of the Regional Council of Midi-Pyrénées, has set up a pilot-growing-greenhouse of this rare flower in order to develop and register a specific growing method to optimize the plants on sell on board of the Maison de la Violette, or in our website.

A workshop of authentic creations totally dedicated to the Violet of Toulouse has been created for the first time in the history of the Violet of Toulouse in 1993. By this way, a large rank of products contributes to valorise this tradition from Toulouse and this unique know-how, in France and abroad.

Our Team


Located in the heart of Toulouse, the Jardin d’Elen team devotes all its energy to valorise this unique heritage. Composed of 5 people, with different career profiles, this dynamic team perpetuates the approach that has been begun by Hélène Vié since 1993. Le Jardin d’Elen is actually the first company to devote entirely to the creation about the violet.

Our partners

The Jardin d’Elen and the Maison de la Violette are involved for 25years in the regional touristic sector. With our partners, we participate to the influence of the traditions from Toulouse. They help you to organize your trip and stay in Toulouse.